From year to year we are increasingly exposed to allergies. The number of people with allergies is on the rise. We suffer from runny nose, sneezing attacks, itchy eyes and nose and nasal congestion. Allergens (causes of allergies) may be present throughout the year, such as dust mites, pets, and mould, or they may be seasonal and manifest as a pollen allergy.

Allergy causes are determined by performing skin tests (prick testing), lab tests and a reaction test using suspected substances. Then we will be able to improve the symptoms using medication. This does not mean treating the causes of allergies. It is therefore necessary to implement immunotherapy using the allergens. If several allergies are present, the most intense allergens shall be used.

Aside from improving quality of life, by using this anti-allergy therapy we would like to prevent lung deterioration, in other words avoid allergic asthma.


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