Voice disorders: Phonation disorders and Dysphonia

The cause of voice disorders is in the larynx and manifests itself as throat clearing and dysphonia. In preschool aged children we find small nodules on the vocal cords because of excessive voice use.

Congenital (present at birth) causes or papillomas (wart-like growths) are unusual in these disorders. Also “psychological voice disorders” are considered in adolescents when the voice changes.

Phonation disorders (disorders of voice pitch, loudness or quality) are in many cases late developments in speaking. We can differentiate between articulation disorders, also known as dyslalia, stammering and shouting.

Being multilingual may play an important role. In all cases it is essential to first examine the ears.

Therapy is carried out in close collaboration with a speech therapist.



Ear, Nose and Throat Operations for Children