Allergies in children

We find allergies in children at an early age. They appear as sudden continuous runny nose, sneezing attacks, itchy nose and eyes, and nasal congestion.

If these allergies are not treated they may move from the nose to the lungs and cause bronchial asthma. Therefore, it is important to try and find the cause of the allergy. This is carried out through a skin test and laboratory testing.

The most frequent allergens are dust mites, pets, mould and pollen.

When the allergen is discovered there are several treatment possibilities. One is obviously to try and avoid contact with the allergens. Another possibility is taking anti-allergy syrups, nasal sprays and eye drops or immunotherapy in which the patient is administered small doses of the allergen until the body gradually gets used to this allergen.



Ear, Nose and Throat Operations for Children