Procedures to correct snoring

50% of men and women over the age of 40 snore. There can be various reasons for snoring and some may be surgically correctable.

In the nasal area the turbinate may be reduced using local anaesthesia, which might considerably improve breathing through the nose. This is performed using a minimally invasive radiofrequency technique and bleeding is almost nonexistent, therefore postoperative nasal plugging is not necessary.

In some cases septoplasty (surgical correction of the septum) is necessary.

In the mouth area we can considerably decrease snoring by stretching the soft palate, trimming the uvula and reducing the tonsils. The upper respiratory tract should be clear, especially if the patient suffers from sleep apnoea (pauses in breathing while sleeping). Operations on the septum and mouth are performed under general anaesthesia and require a short stay in the clinic.


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